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Frequently Asked Questions


What can you do for me? How can you help me?

At Essential Hospice we have a complete team to help you and your loved one.

A team of hospice specialists consist of nurses, home health aides, social workers, and a chaplain – who all go to your loved one’s home. Our Medical Director and care team are available at any time.

Now that my loved one is on hospice are you going to take away their medications?

No, we do not take medicines away. A nurse will complete an evaluation and will explain the medications, what we can help with, and what hospice covers. The medicines that are covered by hospice are covered completely.

In fact, when you choose Essential Hospice, we deliver medications straight to your door step, often the same day.

What happens to my Primary Care Physician?

You do not lose your Primary Care Physician. The Medical Director at Essential Hospice is supplemental to your Primary Care Physician. The team and Physician at Essential Hospice is available 24/7.

How often is the nurse going to see my loved one?

The nurse will complete an evaluation at admission and develop a plan of care based on the needs of your loved one. If your loved one needs a nurse every day or once a week, that’s what we do. The patient helps develop the plan of care and if the patient isn’t able to, the support system can collaborate with the team to develop the best plan of care.

How much does it cost?

Hospice care is paid 100% by Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran Administration, and most insurance providers have a Hospice benefit. To qualify for Hospice a physician must give an order and a written statement that the patient has a life limiting disease that, should it run its natural course, the client has a life expectancy of six (6) months or less.

What does Essential Hospice offer?