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What Can You Do When There Is No Option to Add Days to Your Life? You Add More Life to Your Days

Our goal at Essential Hospice is to provide comfort, compassion, dignity, and peace for patients and their families through end-of-life care.

Offering the Possibility of Enhancing the Time That Remains

By providing palliative rather than curative care, hospice relies on the combined knowledge and skill of an interdisciplinary team of professionals to coordinate an individualized plan of care for each patient and family.
Hospice is about enhancing the quality of life.


What our patients and their families have to say about Essential Hospice.

“ I know you have a tough job and probably a thankless one at times, but I’d like your team to know that I very much appreciate the care Grandma received in her final days, as well as the support you provided me. Every bit of kindness makes a world of difference so thank you for all you do. ”

“ I would like to thank the entire staff of Essential Hospice for all you did for Mother, but for us as a family. Your comfort and compassion as we traveled the road of hospice care for our loved one was both comforting and extraordinary. God bless all of you as you help those who are in hospice care and their families. ”

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